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    Thursday, 5/2/19

    A) 15min EMOM
    (5 rounds of each)
    Min 1: ME Handstand “Clip Taps” in 30s
    Min 2: 20 Band Pull Aparts
    Min 3: 10/10 Lateral Band Walks
    4 rounds
    30s Side Plank (L) +
    30s Ring Rows
    2:00 walk/rest
    4 rounds
    30s Side Plank (R) +
    30s Goblet Hold (70/53)
    2:00 walk/rest
    4 rounds
    30s Plank +
    30s Double Unders

    A1) 5 sets
    1.1 Power Clean
    *build to a heavy
    A2) 5xMax AB RPMs
    B) 4×2 Push Jerks
    1 second hold at the CATCH
    *build to a heavy

    C) in 15min
    Build to a HEAVY C&J

    D) 3×3 Clean High Pulls
    65-75% 1RM