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  • Koda is open with limited class sizes and new distancing and cleaning protocols

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    Koda CrossFit at Home

    Koda at Home

    Koda at Home is our all-in-one workout program that is completed in the comfort of your own home. These workouts are done with a coach in a virtual setting 5 days per week in 45 minute sessions. Just like our classed inside the gym, in the Koda at Home program we will take you through a workout explanation, warmup, challenging workout, and fun filled part of your day! We send you all the equipment you need and it is yours to keep no matter how long you decide to continue the program. The program is designed around the equipment that is provided to ensure that everyone has the same response and intensity in the workouts. Don't let limited time, equipment, and space limit your progress in your fitness journey. Contact us at kodaironview@gmail.com for more details.

    Workout of the Day

    Saturday, 9/26/20

    A) 15min Skill EMOM
    Min1: 3 Snatch Balance + 3
    High Hang Power Snatch
    Min2: 3 Wall Walks (or 10m HS
    Min3: 12/12 DB Rows (HEAVY)

    B) For Time
    Run 800m (race pace)
    Row 2K/1600m
    Run 800m (race pace)
    AB 5/4K
    Run 800m (race pace)

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