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    Tuesday, 4/30/19

    A) 4 min AMRAP @ 75-80%
    12 Lunges
    5 Athlete Burpees
    1 T2B (+1/rnd)
    REST 4 MIN
    B) 4 min BLIND Row for meters @ 75-80%

    C1) 4X5-10 Kipping C2B Pullups (work skill), Rest 10s
    C2) 4X5 Weighted Y-Holds, Rest 10s
    C3) 4X40m Plate Pinch Farmer’s Carry, Rest 2 min

    D) Repeat A (Beat Old Score)
    REST 4 MIN
    E) Repeat B (not blind, try to beat score)

    A1) 4×2 OHS
    *heavier than last week
    A2) 4×5 Hang Snatch Pull
    *Medium Weight
    B1) 5 sets
    1.1 Power Snatch
    *heavier than last week
    B2) 5×7 Banded Vertical Jumps
    C) in 15min
    Build to a HEAVY Snatch
    D) 3×3 Snatch High Pulls
    65-75% 1RM