Koda CrossFit Iron View


1230 Etna Dr

Lafayette, CO 80026

Koda OKC

Oklahoma City, OK


Koda Native

Bethany, OK

Koda Norman

Norman, OK

Koda Deer Creek

Edmond, OK

Koda Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Other Koda Locations

  • Koda OKC
  • Koda Native
  • Koda Norman
  • Koda Deer Creek
  • Koda Tulsa
  • What's Koda?

    Integrity. Progression. Community.

    About Koda CrossFit Iron View

    Integrity, Progression, and Community represent our core values at Koda Crossfit Iron View. Through these values Koda is able to establish a supportive, safe, and fun environment that helps people, not only in their health and wellness journey, but also outside the walls of the gym.

    "Koda" is the Sioux word for friend. It symbolizes the brotherhood that once existed between those who lived, hunted, and went to battle together. It now represents the family dynamic that is what makes Koda CrossFit Iron View unique.

    Koda CrossFit Iron View is owned and operated by Kevin and Liz Schuetz, and Casey McCallister. Koda Iron View is located at 1230 Etna Dr in Lafayette Colorado. The gym was opened in September of 2018, which established the 6th Koda location and the first location outside of Oklahoma. With onsite leadership from Kevin and Casey, along with the well-established conglomerate of Brice, Jared, and the entire Koda community, Koda CrossFit Iron View is sure to be a leader in the Colorado community for many years to come.