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    Monday, 1/28/19

    Monday 1/28/19
    A) 12min EMOM (4 rounds)
    Min1: 5/5 KB Snatch
    Min 2: 10 Rower Pike-Ups
    Min 3: 5 Seated Box Jumps

    B) FTX 19.1 (5:00 CAP)
    25 Front Squats
    (taken from the ground)
    25 BB Burpees
    AMRAP Front Squats with time remaining
    RX: 185/125
    SC: 115/75

    Beginners at 8:30AM & 6PM:
    Slam Ball Skill work
    Jump Rope Skill Work

    Strength: 5 Sets Each
    A1) 5 TnG Deadlifts (perfect position)
    rest 10 sec
    A2) 10 Hip Bridges (5/5) Single or Double leg
    rest 2min
    *Sub KBS for Hip Bridges as needed

    12min Amrap (Follow-The-Leader)
    10 Slam Balls
    10 Ring Rows
    30 Jump Rope Singles
    *P1 does SB, P2 does SB, P1 does RR… etc