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    Friday, October 5th 2018

    A) EVERY 3 min for 18 min (6 sets)
    3 Strict Press @ 30X1 (65-70% 1RM)

    B) EVERY 3-4 min for 5 sets
    5-10 Dips (work Kip), no rest
    5-10 Pushups, no rest
    5-10 Seated DB Press, REST



    Partner work out:
    The clock will run for 5 minutes in each phase, the “ACTIVE” partner will do as many reps of the
    “ACTIVE” movement as they can in 30 seconds. The “OFF” Partner will then row that number
    for calories, as soon as they finish their row the “ACTIVE” partner can begin their 30 seconds of
    movement again. Get through as many rounds/reps as possible. Each partner will do 5 minutes
    of “ACTIVE” and “OFF” work in each Phase
    PHASE 1:
    “ACTIVE” Movement: Toes to bar
    PHASE 2:
    “ACTIVE” Movement: Wall balls (14#)
    PHASE 3:
    “ACTIVE” Movement: Elevated Ring Rows/Ring Rows