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Louisville, CO 80027

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Tulsa, OK

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  • Workout of the Day

    Saturday 1/8/2021

    A: Every 90s for 7 sets
    3 Push Press
    (start at 65% 1RM)
    B: Partner WOD – 5 Rounds
    200m Run (both)
    *10/10 DB Thrusters (60/40)
    *1 Partner Works at a time

    Friday 1/7/2022

    A: 12min Partner AMRAP
    (Alternating Rounds)
    15/10 Cal AB
    1 Muscle-Up (+1/rnd)
    B: 12min Partner AMRAP
    continue where you left off w/
    Part A… But do STRICT PULLUPS
    instead of RMUs
    C: Tabata ABS

    Thursday 1/6/2022

    A: Every 90s for 7 sets
    3 Low Hang Power Cleans
    (start at 65% 1RM)
    B: 10 Rounds (10:00 CAP)
    10! T2B
    30 UNBROKEN Double-Unders
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