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  • Workout of the Day

    Thursday, 3/21/19

    A1) 5X 10 DB Bench Press
    A2) 5X 10 Bent Over DB Rows

    B1) 5X 20-30s L-Sit Hold
    B2) 5X 5-10 Poor Man Glute Hams

    C) 2 round Partner WOD
    530m Run (both partners)
    15 Synchronized Devils Presses (35/20)

    D)50 Band Assisted Pushups
    *goal is unbroken*

    Wednesday, 3/20/19

    A1) 4X 5/5 One Arm DB Rows
    A2) 4X 5/5 Lateral Step Ups
    A3) 4X 30s HS Hold

    Partner WOD – 5 Rounds Each – Alternating Rounds
    6 TnG Power Cleans (165/110)
    Run 100m Holding Ball
    12 WBS

    Tuesday, 3/19/19

    A1) 5 X 5 Thrusters @ 31X1 Tempo

    A2) 5 X 5-10 C2B Pullups
    ***skill work***”

    B) 4 rounds- each for time
    350/300m Row
    16 DB Push Press (50/35)
    16 DB Squats

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