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    Workout of the Day

    Monday, October 15th 2018

    A1) 10! Front Squat (start at 50% & build to a heavy)
    A2) 10x Row150/120m @ conversational Pace

    B) Tabata Clash (19:00)
    “Tabata Pushup
    (8x20sON/10s OFF)”
    Tabata Assault Bike
    Tabata Situp
    Tabata Double Unders
    ***Rest 1 min between exercises


    A) 3 rounds 12/12 single arm overhead walking lunges (20/35) 10 knee to elbow (1/1/3) 20 candlesticks
    B) 4 rounds 12 burpee broad jumps 10 renegade rows (20/35) 8 knee to elbow (3/1/3)
    C) 3 rounds 12 Active planks 20 slam balls 10 Russian twist


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